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2018 BCU Homecoming Events encourage campus interaction and real fun

September 26, 2018 | by Kyle Chinen

Homecoming is fast approaching here at the Cliff and it’s getting students old and new excited about getting out of their dorms to experience this year’s lineup of events.

“It’s about the memories that you make with your friends,” said junior Bailey Nichols, who says she tries to go to as many BCU events as possible if her schedule allows it.

“You’re only going to be in college once,” said Nichols, “people say you blink and its over, so you might as well just experience it.”

The festivities go from September 24 through September 2. This year’s events include BCU Game Night, where you learn how to play black jack and hit the slot machines, Twisted Putt Putt where you play mini golf with random objects as your clubs. The next event in the lineup is Coronation Night at the BCU theater. Coronation is where you get to meet this year’s homecoming court.

The rest of the week will consist of Charger athletic contests and finishing the weekend off with the annual homecoming dance at the Delta Hotels by Marriot ballroom. All of these events are set up by Director of Campus Activities, Brittany Bizila.

“I’m not a huge fan of forced fun,” said Bizila, “I want people to have fun without realizing that they’re having fun.”

So out goes the old pep rally format and in comes Bizila with her plan to encourage campus involvement and create a natural sense of fun.

“I’d rather have a lot of small events than one big event,” said freshman Heath Walters, “you’re not just sitting and watching, you’re actually participating.”

Walters is only in his first semester here at the Cliff and can appreciate that campus activities actually give students the chance to participate in the fun and that is something Bizila is trying to achieve this homecoming.

“I’ve kind of gotten rid of the pep rally in the past two years.” Said Bizila who is entering her fourth year as BCU’s director of campus activities. She said she hopes that all of the students get up and enjoy the festivities.

“It’s homecoming, you know were true to blue,” said Bizila, “come out to the events, they’re really interactive and I hope people enjoy it, homecoming is a special week.”

Homecoming week list of events.

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