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A Clear Picture of The Master’s Programs at Briar Cliff

The master's degrees offered at Briar Cliff University are available to anybody with a four-year undergraduate degree during which the student maintained a 3.0 Grade Point Average. Currently at Briar Cliff, to apply, you must have two references or letters of recommendation.

Audrey Bodiford, the enrollment coordinator at Briar Cliff, stressed the importance of recommendation letters when applying for the master’s programs.

“When it comes to the recommendation letters, find someone who can speak to your work ethic and passions,” Bodiford says.

Tom Nicholls, an English international and current master's program student, is studying Sports Management while splitting his time between the men and women’s soccer programs as a Graduate Assistant here at the cliff.

“I am planning to use my master’s degree to work within a soccer team in the United States. I want to go into sponsorships and partnerships to get more companies involved in soccer.” Nichols says.

Nichols completed his undergraduate degree at Cazenovia College in New York majoring in Sports Management. An old coach recommended Briar Cliff as an option after graduating.

“The main difference between undergraduate and post graduate schooling has been that all of my current classes are online and that has actually benefitted me,” Nichols says. “I have a lot of time to help out the teams and can devote myself to building connections and gaining practical experience without hurting my grades.”

Another Graduate Assistant and current master’s degree student is Bianca Gutierrez. Gutierrez works with the women’s basketball team here at Briar Cliff and is also a Sports Management student.

Gutierrez completed her undergraduate degree in Maine studying Sports management and has enjoyed the challenging transition from undergraduate to graduate degree.

“The biggest challenge is the level of depth and detail that is expected of you,” Gutierrez says. “My graduate program is great, but I think I would advise that you are certain of your field before signing up because passion has been very important for me.”

Photo Credit: Jacob Harvey / Cliff News

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