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Another 2K Roster Update… Again

March 26, 2020 | by Asi Tupua

NBA 2K20 is still the same game that debuted 5 years ago. The developers add new “animations” to dribbling and shooting every year, but it plays and feels like the same game, after each release. And year after year, the same problems occur over and over again. Whether you experience good shooters missing wide open shots, or online servers that disconnect players frequently, it’s issues that occur in the last 5 games. 2K industries understand that it's the only company making a simulation basketball game, so they have no one to push them to make a quality game.

The game does its best to replicate the actual National Basketball Association. You feel a difference when you use the league's premier players. Whether you’re LeBron James making the flashy dunks or chase down blocks, or Stephen Curry being able to shoot from anywhere across half court, it gives players the feeling of what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Although you feel unstoppable when using one of the league’s best, the drop off from a superstar, to a good player, to a role player is very noticeable, and can sometimes be frustrating. 2K gives players “overall ratings”' that spans from 50-99 with 99 being the best, it’s almost as if the cutoff to be a contributive player is 85 overall. Countless times in the game you see players that are below the threshold miss “wide open shots” or “lightly contested shots,” shots that you see them make on TV on a routine. It creates the “this team is good in real life but not in 2K.” A statement that has been lingering for years and it forces people to only play as the Lakers, Bucks, Clippers and Warriors.

A game that prides itself on bringing “An authentic basketball experience” should begin with making other teams that are good in the NBA a viable option to play with. The Western Conference, which include teams west portion of the United States. has a multitude of tremendous talent and overall team strength, but the game makes them weak and frustrating to play with. Teams in the western conference like the Portland Trailblazers have a very strong offensive team that can score from anywhere on the floor, but in the video game they tend to have difficulties scoring because of the games mechanics. The NBA is so competitive that any team can be beaten on any given night. Overall, this game plays and feels like NBA 2K19 just with new players on different teams.. Although it allows you to be unstoppable when you use the league's premier players, using the other players doesn’t feel authentic at all.

2K industries is the only company that makes a simulation basketball video game. Over the years it seems as the game has slowly added new features and the only excitement that comes for the game is the cover athlete. As many continue to purchase and play, the same issues arise year after year. Problems with internet connection, and a non-authentic basketball feel continue to puzzle players on why they continue to purchase the game every year.

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