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BCU Alum Presents New Book at the Cliff

Ray Cole, a successful BCU alumni, presented his new book, “Hanging with Winners: A Lifetime of Connections, Anecdotes and Lessons Learned with Ray Cole,” Tuesday afternoon in the St. Francis Center. In a one-hour presentation, Cole spoke about his new book, important experiences in his life and how he got to where he is today.

As a 1977 BCU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, Cole found great success building a hall of fame broadcasting career. Now, he acts at the President and Chief Operating Officer of Citadel Communications, a private broadcasting company.

When it came to becoming an author, Cole wasn’t always sure he wanted to write a book but decided to go for it thanks to the encouragement of friends and family. It ended up being a challenging process, but not one he regrets.

“It was a lot of late nights pouring through transcripts, but it was a fun experience. One I don’t think I’ll repeat,” Cole says with a laugh.

Cole stressed the importance of setting a higher standard with his book.

“One of the things we did while writing the book was try to set a high standard,” Cole says. “The standard we tried to hit is when a reader reads this, you are going to laugh, you’re going to think, and maybe you’re going to be moved to tears.”

The theme of the book was about making connections. Cole spoke about the importance of making connections in all aspects of his life. “The book is about making connection, not just in business, but making connection in life,” Cole says.

With so many successful friends and acquaintances, Cole wanted to draw from those resources to create something unique and powerful.

“We want to profile these winners in a way where people can take something away from it,” the Kingsley, Iowa native says.

With a full audience, Cole’s message was received well by BCU students. Zach Collins, a freshman majoring in sports management, thought the presentation was powerful. “It was probably one of the best things I’ve seen live, it was inspiring,” Collins says.

After spending time and making connections with so many successful people throughout his life, Cole gave his own definition of a winner. “It has to do with the relentless pursuit of being the very best person we can be,” the hall of fame broadcaster says. “The kind of person you’d be happy to live the rest of your life as.”

Collins echoed this thought mentioning it as one of his biggest takeaways from the presentation. “The overall message I took away was a quote where he said winning is when you enjoy doing what you love,” Collins says.

Cole’s book sold out at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon at release and became the number one best seller in the interviewing category.

Photo Credit: Dawson Forcella / Cliff News

Ray Cole speaks with students at the Saint Francis Center during his book presentation Tuesday, October 12. Every student received a free copy of the book during the presentation.

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