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BCU gets into the Spooky spirit with the Haunted Tunnels

17 October, 2018 | by Kyle Chinen

It's spooky season here at the Cliff and the tunnels are being transformed into the haunted tunnels for the annual scaring event.

“The tunnels go from Heelan all the way to Alverno… the tunnels are completely transformed into this haunted house,” said Ashley Pawlowski, Area Coordinator for Toller and Alverno Hall and the lead advisor on this year’s tunnels.

Pawlowski has been helping out the tunnels for the past five years and has over seen many different layouts and themes but this year’s theme takes inspiration from one of the most iconic filmmakers today.

“This year’s theme is the works of Tim Burton. You will see some scary Alice in Wonderland, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, that kind of stuff,” said Pawlowski.

The theme “Tim Burton” can be very broad but it has gotten some of the student volunteers excited to get to work for this year’s event.

“I love it, I’m super super super excited,” said Ariel Pokett, the makeup volunteer for the tunnels, “It’s super easy to work with because there is so much variety.”

Pokett, a Sophomore from Sioux City, IA has been volunteering every year since she’s been at the cliff, and says that they take any help they can get, as they begin to start building and putting up walls for the event.

Every person who volunteers at the events get community service hours, and all the proceeds made all go to a good cause.

“Some of the proceeds go to the Christmas party for people with disabilities. Getting the gifts for that, and that kind of stuff,” said Pawlowski.

The Haunted tunnels start on October 25, the Thursday before Halloween. Every night, from 6pm to 7pm, they have a family friendly hour, that’s for the families and the little kids, with a reduced price of $1. From 7pm to 9pm there is a scary hour where the volunteers are even scarier with a price of $2 for BCU students and $3 for general admission.

The Haunted Tunnels Halloween Poster

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