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BCU Hosts Annual Prairie Fire Lecture Series: 'This Is Me'

April 1, 2019 | by Baily Sitzmann

Briar Cliff University hosted it’s annual Prairie Fire Lecture Series: This is Me at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019. This is a series that celebrates Siouxland and how it is impacted by the community in and out of the metro area. The lecture series has two speakers, Tori Albright of the Sioux City Community School District and Associate Professor of English and Writing, Dr. Ryan Allen.

This specific lecture series focused on the different struggles for immigrants and refugees of the entire world and how they adapt to where they are and overcome the struggles. The two also discussed self-awareness, personal intuitiveness and how to grow as a community here in Siouxland. They also talked about their work collaboratively and how they work together to make many of the children in the Siouxland area feel as if they belong here, in the United States.

Dr. Ryan Allen teaches a yoga and meditation at Evolve Yoga. He says this the purpose is to bring together the mind as a calming moment for one’s self. It also functions as a time for many of the children to take their stresses and release them in a healthy way.

“A lot of the students we work with have great attendance at school but have terrible records because they get into fights or cause trouble. This program is a way for us to really just keep students in school but in a good way,” says, Dr. Ryan Allen.

The lecture series was created by a group on campus called the Professional Development Committee, Ken Berg, Dave Hoferer, Angela Houk, Nathan Probasco and Liz Rembold, are a few of the members. The lecture series originated from an old series of talks that used to be around the Siouxland area many years ago that consisted of poetry, photos, science articles ect.

Tori Albright says the topics of immigrants and refugees are too important not to talk about. “Helping others become more comfortable in their own lives and seeing their purpose for living is a life passion of mine. Creating‘This is Me’ gives individuals access to practices that are more widely accepted and welcomed. I want others to have the peace I have. To find the healing, even though the trauma is significant.”

Associate Professor of Biology Dr. David Hoferer is one of the founding members of the annual Prairie Fire Lecture Series thatwant to shed light on community events.

“We started it last year (2018). We were looking for ways to showcase some of the significant work happening at BCU for the greater community. This is a lecture series open to the public that we try to hold every March or April,” says Hoferer. “The goal is that the talks and lectures ignite interest like a wildfire.”

The Prairie Fire Lecture Series: ‘This is Me’ was on March 26th, 2019 at 7pm. The Prairie Fire Lecture Series is held every year in March or April different topics and speakers from the BCU community.

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