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BCU Nursing Program Ensures for long-term, prepared careers

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

February 17, 2020 | by Kyle Cox

Briar Cliff University Nursing is a program that is ranked amongst the best in the nation because of the coursework and practical experience students get. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from BCU comes with a demanding course load combined with clinical experiences to prepare students for their future careers.

BCU’s BS in Nursing requires that students have a 2.75 GPA and must pass all prerequisite science courses to get into the upper level classes as a junior and senior. “The course load with clinical hours can be a lot,” says junior nursing student Grace Hanno. “It is all about application from class and time management to really be able to manage classes, clinicals, and then add my off-season lifts, practices, and matches.”

One thing that sets BCU’s nursing program apart is the interactive nursing lab and classroom that allows students to get hands on experience during classes. Hanno says “The lab gives us a controlled environment where we can practice without serious consequences. We learn how to perform assessment and learn from a serious problem with the mannequins. They can breathe, talk and change their vitals throughout a class.”

With the majority of BCU’s student population being student athletes, a program like nursing requires more than just the skills they learn in classes and labs. “It takes a lot of time management and energy drinks. I have a plate full every day. I go from classes and clinicals, to volleyball practice and then go study,” says Dax Johannsen, a junior nursing major. “I repeat that five days a week and continue to study on the weekends. I’ve learned that my best friend is coffee and energy drinks, to help with all the studying.”

At graduation, students will have completed over 880 hours of supervised clinical hours working with real patients. Hanno said, “I get the opportunity to work in hospitals in Omaha, Sioux City and other health care offices in the Siouxland area which only helps me in training for working in my future career as a nurse.” To find out more about BCU’s nursing program, visit the BCU website to set up your appointment to visit with the BCU nursing staff.

BCU Nursing students inside the Nursing Lab

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