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BCU Students find Coffee Helping them get through Long Days

February 19, 2019 | by Asi Tupua

Busy students are finding themselves drinking multiple cups of joe to stay tentative in their daily work.

Many students that attend “The Cliff” find their daily schedules to be very chaotic and packed. Whether you’re a student-athlete who has to wake up early for weights and then attend a full day’s work of class, or a medical student who attends class and then goes to their practicum, many choose coffee to get them through the day. When you walk into the atrium early in the morning, you see a crowd lineup at Java City to get that extra boost to jumpstart their day.

Bryan Hendrix is a junior at The Cliff who works at Java City. Hendrix finds enjoyment working at Java city as he’s able to interact with other students. “Some of my best friends I met solely working at Java.” said Hendrix. After working at different times of the day, Hendrix understands people’s coffee needs at all times of the day as he sees customers come in the morning and sometimes late at night. Although he sees a great deal of gratitude from customers, he does get rude ones on occasion. “Every day I’ll get people who think they’re the only people with places to be.” said Hendrix.

Kinesiology is a degree many students at Briar Cliff choose to pursue. But with the rewards that come with becoming a Kinesiology major, comes the heft work load. Tyler Wilson, a senior, is a Kinesiology major who needs “coffees” in order to get through a busy day. “I got to have my coffees in the morning” said Wilson. Wilson who prefers straight black coffee, credits it to being able to stay focus on his rigorous class load. “I’ve got to drink at least three cups, it gets me through the morning, through the day, and through the night.” said Wilson.

Nursing majors also find themselves relying on coffee to help throughout the day. Some find that as a nurse, they must work early mornings or late at night. Mireya Jimenez Alcala is a junior who finds herself drinking possibly 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day, but has since toned it down to one. She has tried alternatives to drinking coffee. “I’ve tried just drinking water or juice or something throughout the day…” said the junior. “but coffee is what keeps me up better.” Her go-to drink is a creamy iced coffee or black coffee from java, or a blended carmelicious with an extra shot of espresso.

Although purchasing coffee daily can add up, many students feel it’s a necessary tool in order to succeed. Coffee is also a healthier energy source as opposed to purchasing countless energy drinks or other sugary beverages with caffeine in them.

Students drink coffee periodically to help get them through the day.

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