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BCU Theater Club put on "Dating Games," a Comical Look at Modern Dating

March 1, 2019 | by Kyle Chinen

This year’s spring play takes a humorous look at modern dating and the obstacles that people face while trying to find the one. Step into the world of “Dating Games”, BCU Theater club’s spring production.

“everybody will find something that they connect with.” Said Director of the play, Beau Sudtelgte, “It’s one of those plays that everybody can understand.”

The play goes through five different scenarios, ranging from blind dates to dog park dates. The stories are intertwined to tell the story of modern dating in a light hearted and comical way.

“Its five mini plays all put together,” said Sudtelgte, “It displays real-world dating.”

A lot of work goes into doing a live play, it takes months of pre-production and rehearsals to get the final product out onto the stage. Casting, costumes, and stage design all fall under Sudtelgte who controls the ship throughout the production.

Sudtelgte oversees the entire production, from start to finish, he makes sure that every detail is perfect so that on opening night, there are no hiccups or problems. Sudtelgte and his cast have been working week in and week out since January, they rehearse their scenes so that when opening night comes they are ready to give BCU a show. A show that the cast will never forget.

Two of the students participating in the play have never been in a play before. One of them is graduate student, Taylor Sterling, who said that she is nervously excited to get to perform in front of her peers.

“I am really looking forward to having my Physical Therapy class come see the play,” said Sterling. “They’re all very excited to see how it goes and it’ll be nice to see some familiar faces in the audience.”

Sterling says that the whole rehearsal process has helped her bond with her castmates. They all help each other get through the rehearsals without the use of their scripts. Even when the cast needs to improvise.

“Tim (castmate) has some pretty hilarious improv when he forgets his lines and we all just start cracking up,” said Sterling.

The cast and crew come together for the final performances, starting on Friday, March 15 to Sunday, March 17 at the BCU theater.

Cast members Taylor Sterling (Left) and Ariel Pockett (Right) rehearse a scene from the upcoming Spring production "Dating Games."

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