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BCU TRIO Program Helps Students with Career Preparation

March 13, 2020 | by Kyle Cox

Briar Cliff University’s TRIO Student Support Services moves to the top floor of the Bishop Mueller Library making them easier to access for students to take advantage of resources TRIO provides.

According to the BCU website, TRIO (SSS)is a federally funded program that helps first-generation students, low-income students and students with disabilities to reach their full potential and achieve academic success. TRIO provides peer tutoring, career mentoring, counseling, financial aid and personal skills courses.

“The SSS Program seeks to maximize the college experience of eligible participants by enhancing learning and personal development with the ultimate goal of college graduation,” says Brenda Parkhill, director and counselor of TRIO.

TRIO is holding numerous events for students throughout March. The first event is on March 17-18, students will be able to go to the Digital Communication Departmentin Heelan Hall to get a headshot taken. This headshot can be used for LinkedIn or business-related purposes. On Tuesday March 24, there is an “Interview & After Workshop” that helps students prepare for the actual interview and what to do afterward. There will also be “Wheel Wednesday” on the 18 and 25, where students can spin the wheel to win a prize. These events are subject to change due to the COVID- 19 (Coronavirus).

“TRIO, a part of its services, is full of amazing staff that help you out and give you advice,” says BCU sophomore, Cassie Clark. “They look out for you and are always excited to see you,”

The staff includes Brenda Parkhill, Carla Grey, Janine Sonichsen, Jaidan Eide, Stephanie Jorgensen and Julie Vollink. They can be contacted through email, phone, or by stopping by their offices.

Trio Faculty in the Bishop Mueller Library. Pictured is Julie Vollink, Brenda Parkhill, Carla Grey and Stephanie Jorgensen.

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