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BCU Women’s Soccer Looks for Success

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

September 26, 2018 | Baily Sitzmann

The women’s soccer team at Briar Cliff has new players, high hopes for the season and a new coach who is as hopeful as ever. Paul Cox, of Andover, England, is the new head coach. He came to BCU in January of 2018 with hopes of turning the program around.

“My goal is to get all the new players and the few returners working well together and in sync and to challenge for a conference championship,” said the former Midland University player.

BCU has shown it is behind him, his coaching staff and the team, starting with Athletic Director Nic Nelson, “Even though Coach Cox started in January, he’s beginning his first full season this fall. Coach Cox has an outstanding plan for our women’s soccer program, and we have a lot of faith in what he’s doing. Our women’s soccer program will have a really good culture going forward.”

The women’s program this year has four returning players and 22 new players. Of the 22, 20 of them are freshman and the other two are transfers from California. Before the 2018-2019 season the program struggled to get a full team.

“We will definitely have a young team this year, you can see the inexperience when we have only one returner on the field at once with all the new players. But I don’t think having a young team is an excuse for anything,” Cox said.

Cox is no stranger to the difficulty these players are facing against the GPAC (Great Plains Athletic Conference) teams, as he previously played and coached at Midland University. Cox was the assistant coach for the Warriors, both men’s and women’s teams, along with being the academic advisor and human performance professor.

“If I were to say one thing about this team or tell them one thing it would be, ‘trust the process,’” said Cox.

With the 26 returners next season and even more recruits, along with having the return ratio to new player not as drastic, Cox is said he is positive after having a full year together they will be sitting in a good spot.

“Coach Cox has been an incredible leader for the soccer program. The girls respect him and trust his leadership. He brings positivity to every practice and game and is committed to the improvement of every member of the team,” said Volunteer Assistant Megan Glover.

Women's Soccer Coach | Photo by Megan Glover

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