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Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy is High-Quality Content

April 8, 2020 | by Julie Knowles

The Netflix Original comedy special “Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy” is a must-see. The notoriously shirtless comedian grabs your attention from start to finish.

Kreischer’s delivery of jokes and bits are on point. One thing he says in the special is part of what makes people laugh is saying the last thing that they would expect. That reigned true.

His type of humor may not be very attractive to some viewers. He dives right into controversial topics, while also showing how they play a part in his personal life.

Known for being a partier, many of Kreischer’s stories have to do with his antics while under the influence. From family outings to traffic school, he hits the nail on the head every time with his hilarious experiences. Him laughing at himself throughout the special had me laughing just as often as his stories did!

The most notable tales surround interactions with his wife and daughters. Kreischer named this special “Hey Big Boy” because that is how his youngest daughter, Ila, starts up many of their conversations.

The relatability caused my sister and I to look at each other whenever something he said applied to our life… which was often. I recommend watching it with a group of people after quarantine is over because the energy in the room just felt like it built up the further you got into the stand-up.

Some of the stories he describes are hard to take serious. The ending credits, however, show photographic evidence of many of the events that took place.

Playing with topics like race, gun laws, parenting and embarrassment, Kreischer perks up the ears of his audience. Each bit had shock value. He is very aware of how his opinions and depictions of others may cause controversy, but he owns all of it. His claim to fame in the stand-up community is from being politically incorrect.

As a college student, his humor particularly appealed to me. My chest ended up hurting from trying to contain my laughter after a certain point. Kreischer has not disappointed me yet.

Kreischer has become one of my favorite comedians over the past couple years, and each special has been better than the last.

Bert Kreischer’s 2020 Netflix Original: Hey Big Boy

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