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“Bloodshot” is Run-of-the-Mill

March 25, 2020 | by Julie Knowles

“Bloodshot” is nothing short of predictable for the “The Fast and the Furious” actor Vin Diesel. Although the film is action-packed and entertaining, the writing and acting fell flat for Diesel. There were too many corny one-liners to take seriously.

The comic-based film follows Ray Garrison (Diesel), a top-tier soldier with an unshakable need for revenge after everything in his life gets taken away from him. With advanced technology called nanites, he gets turned into the ultimate weapon with super-human strength and the ability heal himself quickly.

Full of twists and turns, the film had a great storyline. The plot thickens when Garrison meets an empathetic KT, (Elza Gonález), an ex-military woman who also received enhanced abilities. The two of them form a team with the extremely intelligent coder Wilfred Wigans, (Lamorne Morris). Together they try to put an end to the experiments being done to them and the secret agendas attached.

Through many fight scenes, Diesel delivers each of his very few lines as if the credits were about to start rolling, leaving little room for movie to reach a tipping point. It felt as though the whole movie was on a tipping point. Rated PG-13, the movie definitely would appeal to that age range.

The special effects in the film were fantastic, however, the film leaned on them too much. The dialogue in the film lacked substance. Most of the movie consisted of intense fight scenes matched with equally intense blank stares from the actors. There was very little emotional change throughout. The monotonous tone made it difficult for the film to progress.

It was disappointing that the film wasn’t as good as its plot. The storyline was what attracted me to this film in the first place. There were moments where I felt the movie picked up but was set right back down.

The film did not do well in the box office, understandably so. If you are just looking for a bit of entertainment during this time of quarantine, “Bloodshot” can eat up a little under two hours of your time. It was just another run-of-the-mill action movie.

Vin Diesel as comic book hero “Bloodshot.”

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