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Briar Cliff Athletics' rewards app is reaching new heights

October 31, 2018 | by Liv Mason

Nearly a year ago, Briar Cliff Athletics introduced a new form of technology within their program: The Cliff Top App. Students were able to download the app and create an account that could be utilized as a reward point system.

It encourages engagement by fans at athletic events and rewards fans for attending the games, according to Megan Glover, a Graduate Assistant Sports Information Director at Briar Cliff University.

Glover used to be seen throughout campus as former Student Body President, homecoming queen and charger athlete on the soccer field. She recognizes the importance of having an app like this to use within her department.

“Having an app for your school is something that is becoming more and more popular. We saw an opportunity to do a cool thing and get more of our fans engaged and we decided to try it out,” says Glover.

Briar Cliff has seen a huge increase in attendance at their games since introducing the app.

“At Briar Cliff, everything is a competition,” says Dillon Reynolds, a senior business major at Briar Cliff University.

“It’s no surprise that the app gets more people to the games. There’s a rewards system. Every time you go to a game you “check-in” and get points. Everyone’s fighting for the first place spot so when you turn something as simple as attending games into a competition you get a lot of people to use it. We’re competitive here so we want to win even in the little things,” said Reynolds.

The Cliff Top App is something unfamiliar to most schools. Morningside College, Briar Cliff’s longtime cross town rivals, has yet to release an app similar to Briar Cliff’s.

“It’s something Briar Cliff is doing right,” says Cassie Lanmark, a sophomore at Morningside College. “I think having an app like this would bring more people out to the games and would really strengthen us more as a community. It’s something I know more students wish we had.”

In the future, the Briar Cliff Athletic Department hopes to expand the app.

“We would like to see the app grow as more people download and use it. There are so many features that we can utilize that the users haven't seen yet and we would like to roll those out,” said Glover.

Briar Cliff’s Cliff Top Rewards App engages students and encourages them to come to events.

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