• Jacob Harvey

Briar Cliff Baseball Adds Indoor Training Facility

The baseball team at Briar Cliff had their grass field turfed over in preparation for this past fall, they are now in the process of adding an insulated indoor facility with indoor mounds and netting.

“We are hoping to be operational by Christmas,” Head Coach Corby McGlauflin says.

The facility will offer easier access to year-round training, which some players hope can offer an advantage over other teams.

“I played my first year as a first baseman on the grass and it made the game harder as you couldn’t trust the ball,” senior Sean Cutler says. “This turf is great to play on.”

The facilities seem to be attracting some athlete attention, acting as a positive recruiting tool.

“Coach has brought in some great talent to help fill the void of the guys who left, some guys who were here are also stepping up,” Cutler says.

McGlauflin is in his third year as head coach and has seen the program develop a fair amount.

“From day one, I have tried to make the athlete experience as good as possible. This facility and the new field can play a part in recruiting, also,” McGlauflin says.

McGlauflin assures the spectator experience will be next up on the development agenda.

“Once this is operational, the next change will be to try and get some better arrangements for the spectators, depending on funding,” says McGlauflin.

The chargers are away for the opening of their season, but return to The Cliff in early March, for more information head to

Construction continues for the development of the indoor baseball training facility on campus.

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