• Jacob Harvey

Briar Cliff Gears Up for Annual Haunted Tunnels Community Event

Every year at Briar Cliff, a student organization arranges an event known as the Haunted Tunnels. This is held across a few nights, this year it is set to be from October 27-31.

“What makes the tunnels so special is that it is a family event, fun for all ages. Particularly the hour before the lights go out,” event coordinator and Residence Hall Director, Ashley Pawlowski says.

This refers to the start of the evening, 6pm through to 7pm, when the lights are still on and the ‘scarers’, who are student volunteers dressed up in scary costumes, are not yet let loose.

“We leave the first hour like this so that kids can come and be a part of the fun,” Pawlowski says.

One student and avid Haunted Tunnel goer, Jonas Reinke, has been to the event every year since 2018, his freshman year.

“I love the atmosphere when I get down to the tunnels, I often go on a couple of nights when they hold the event each year,” Reinke says. “It’s not just students, actually its mostly people from the community around the school.”

The tunnels often have themes, such as movies or stories, this year’s is yet to be announced.

The school offers student service hours for volunteering to help with the event, of which 80 are required to graduate, 100 to be on the honours court.

“I have had a student complete 30 of their hours from this event alone,” says Pawlowski.

The tunnel entrance is located by the theatre room in Heelan Hall.

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