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Briar Cliff Gears Up for Another Study Abroad Trip

February 12, 2020 | by Jacob Harvey

Briar Cliff University students, faculty and friends of the school are set to visit Peru in May of 2020. Briar Cliff University Associate Professor Michael Crowley and former First-Year Academic Advisor April Allen Vo have been orchestrating this expedition since April of last year through EF Educational Tours. Those involved will be provided with a tour director and translator to accompany them while they participate in activities such as visiting palaces, museums and cathedrals.

The group has the option to take part in a ceviche class, which Crowley says “should be a lot of fun and hands on”. The group will also have the opportunity to delve into the vast, rich culture that Peru preserves. This trip was open to all students and was presented at roughly $3,500 for the nine-day trip, flying into Lima. These types of trips are “a good opportunity to experience a different culture,” says Crowley.

This is not the first study abroad trip that BCU has been on. Just last summer students and staff traveled to Honduras. Nate Frankman, senior men’s soccer player, was one of those on the trip. Frankman says “getting to play soccer and hang out with the locals was great fun” The trip earned Frankman and his peers class credit toward their graduation this Spring, as well as provide service and grow their faith. “People should buy into these trips because it’s such a fun experience and something I’ll never forget,” says Frankman. “The trip was open to everyone, and the application was pretty easy.”

Hundreds of hours of planning and communication have been put into the trip between both Crowley and Allen Vo. From a student perspective, the purpose of this tour is to engage and submerge themselves into a new and unfamiliar culture, while earning class credit.

If you missed out this time around, head over to the Briar Cliff University page and search for ‘Travel & Study Abroad.’ You will be able to find information about upcoming trips such as the ‘Spanish Immersion Experience,’ which is being coordinated by BCU professor Dr. Willie Suarez. This particular trip allows its members to live in Cadiz, Spain from May 22 – June 15 of 2020 while earning six semester hours. Other trips coming up include: ‘Natural History of Hawaii’ and ‘Natural History of Galapagos’ among other destinations. All of these trips can be found on the Briar Cliff website at:

Nate Frankman with a Honduran local after playing a game of soccer. Photo Credit: Nate Frankman/ Briar Cliff University.

Nate Frankman with a Honduran local after playing a game of soccer.

Photo Credit: Nate Frankman/ Briar Cliff University.

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