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Briar Cliff Grad Programs Rank Among Best in Midwest

Briar Cliff University’s master’s degree programs have recently been ranked among the best in the state of Iowa.

University Headquarters is an independent education organization that works to provide students with the best resources and up-to-date rankings about colleges and universities around the country.

They put together a series of rankings by looking at different factors such as tuition, admission rate, graduation rate, and graduating salary.

In their most recent rankings Briar Cliff University’s graduate program was ranked 18th in the state of Iowa.

“I think part of the reason our graduate programs have been successful is because of their accessibility. Many of our students have a job, or have to stop and start back up their schooling on their time,” Briar Cliff business professor, Mark Rosi, said.

Briar Cliff University’s Head of the Graduate Nursing Program, Anasara Henry, shared the same sentiment.

“Our program's success is made possible by a combination of passionate and dedicated faculty, as well as a curriculum that facilitates inclusivity and a universal design,” Henry said.

“Students that graduate from our graduate programs have far more in their given field than someone who has not,” said Rossi.

Those who chose to advance their education through these programs are often receiving job offers or promotions upon graduation.

“The majority of our students have job offers in hand, sometimes even prior to graduation,” said Henry.

The recent success Briar Cliff’s graduate programs has led professors to focus on the future and continue to make changes to better help the school and students.

“We will continue to explore the needs of our local community, as well as issues faced at state, national and global levels by assessing our program for gaps and making adjustments as necessary to ensure we are graduating students who are prepared to be life-long learners and ethical world changers,” Henry said.

Briar Cliff currently offers graduate degrees in Nursing, Sports Management, Human Resources, and Leadership.

Head of Business Department Mark Rossi lectures a business law class.

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