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Briar Cliff Recharges the Community

August 15, 2019 | by Dylan Speer

Briar Cliff University students and faculty are set to enter the community and volunteer at more than 45 nonprofits and organizations in the Sioux City area.

The “reCHARGE the Community” event will take place on the morning of September 23. The university has partnered with VolunteerSiouxland, an online volunteer information center, to help manage participation at the 45 plus different service sites across Sioux City.

BCU is hosting a diocese ministry conference that day, which caused all classes to be canceled. The school decided to use this opportunity to explore some of the Franciscan core values,”We’ve decided to use the morning as a service morning, and service is one of our Briar cliff values,” says Sister Janet May, director of campus ministry.

There are four core Franciscan values BCU represents: peacemaking, reverencing creation, connecting with joyful service and building a caring community. Although all four values can be illustrated on this service day, two take the spotlight. “Our focus value for the year is building a caring community,” says Louise Paskey, vice president for student development and institutional mission. “This really is about (connecting with joyful) service, but it overlaps to building a caring community.”

The project will service a wide variety of organizations in the area. Some of the service sites on the agenda include Food Bank of Siouxland, the Counsil on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Bishop Heelan and Stone Park.

This helps students get to their 80 hours of volunteering needed to graduate, but it does more than just that says Paskey, “This is another easy way to get some extra hours and then to be in community with each other and show the community who we are.”

The deadline to sign-up is September 17, and the link for the sign-up page is in a mass email sent out that explains the event. The online sign-up is important for VolunteerSiouxland and faculty in charge to monitor the day. They can measure the impact of the day and track the progress made. The event is mandatory, so those who fail to sign-up by the deadline will be placed in groups without being able to choose.

Students and faculty will meet on campus at 8:30 am the day of the event for assignments and preparation. Team leaders and students will depart to their respective service site and work from 9 to noon.

The faculty and students of BCU have an opportunity to serve and be immersed in the Siouxland community.

The official title and logo of the BCU service day.

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