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Briar Cliff's Newest Big Addition

September 4, 2019 | by Ben Pigg

Over the summer the athletic department has seen a number of changes from baseball, soccer, football, basketball, to even athletic administrations.

When it comes to athletic administrations, BCU introduces Nic Scandrett, our new athletic director. Scandrett is an Iowa native, from Des Moines who moved his family from Illinois to Sioux City.

“We’re certainly glad to be back in Iowa closer to our family,” said Scandrett. Bouncing around different cities isn’t something Scandrett and his family were interested in, which is why he chose the athletic administrations route instead of the coaching route.

“In high school, I didn’t know what to do but once I got into coaching I really loved it, I thought that was what I was going to do. I got a head coaching job out of high school but then the lady friend came along, got engaged and got married. With a coaching lifestyle you have to work up the ranks to get where you want to be and that's something we didn’t have an appetite for.” That’s when Scandrett decided to get into the administrative side of things, using his Masters from William Penn University to help him get there.

After seeing the opportunity to join an amazing family like the Chargers, Scandrett couldn’t resist. “We got comfortable in Illinois, established our family, but we saw a great opportunity at Briar Cliff and took a leap of faith,” said Scandrett.

Scandrett liked the idea of Briar Cliff being closer to his family, it being a small private faith based institution, the close student environment, and the fact that its seen as a diamond in the rough type of place.

Scandrett’s favorite part about Briar Cliff is the people. “One thing that was really apparent was the welcoming and the sense of belonging,”said Scandrett. The staff members get that there's community support.”

That support has allowed Scandrett to feel comfortable bringing his family to multiple athletic events. “Being an athletic director isn’t a job it's a lifestyle, if you’re not comfortable having your family with you on game days and being around student athletes, that's not a place you want to be,” said Scandrett.

Upon his arrival, Scandrett had to jump right into the hiring process and hire multiple coaches to different sports teams around campus. “I was anticipating this when I got hired but I’ve hired Corby McGlaufflin for baseball and Cory Christiensen for men's soccer.” McGlaufflin and Christensen are both Sioux City natives.

Scandrett believes it’s important to get the right person in there. “Any athletic director will tell you hiring your head coaches is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. They have to be able to recruit well to get the horses to win the race. If you don’t have the right person things can go south really bad, they start to look to transfer and the effects show. Your results are very public,” said Scandrett.

Scandrett has made the right decisions and believes each coach will help turn their new programs around, leading Briar Cliff back to a winning culture.

Briar Cliff University's new Athletic Director Nic Scandrett

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