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Briar Cliff’s Roth Campus Bookstore to open secondary location during Charger athletic events

September 26, 2018 | by Liv Mason

A new Cliff Shop mobile store will be opening at Briar Cliff University, adding a “secondary” location to the Roth Campus Bookstore.

The Cliff Shop made its first appearance August 25thas the Charger football team took on the Waldorf Warriors. As of now, this mobile location will only be available during Briar Cliff athletic events. “It’s all ran by students. We wanted to be able to connect with other students, see what they want to buy, what they’re interested in, and try to meet their needs,” said Matt Wilke, a sophomore and student manager of the Roth Campus Bookstore.

“The idea surfaced because of the parents that come up to watch their kids play in various sports are never given the opportunity to purchase apparel because the bookstore is always closed during game times,” said Wilke, who was placed as lead manager in the project.

The Cliff Shop is not the only growing expansion of the bookstore. The store has also added a vending machine located outside of Student Development containing various drugstore items and Charger gear.

The idea formed from numerous students not having access to a vehicle. Students were unable to drive off campus to retrieve drugstore items that they were normally able to purchase in the bookstore. Being unable to purchase these items after the bookstore closed in the afternoons was key to making part of the expansion happen.

Bailey Nichols, a Briar Cliff sophomore and student worker for the Cliff Shop, gave her own opinion of the secondary location: “To be honest I think it’s a great idea. When family and friends come to BCU events the bookstore is usually out of their way or closed and can’t get BCU apparel. With The Cliff Shop online and at sporting events it will help family and friends get the apparel they are wanting to support their sporting team.”

“Depending on the success of this project we are hoping for more of a permit venue…located on the West side of the gym in the Prime Bank Clifftop Suite. It will be on second floor of the Newman Flanagan Center,” said Nichols.

Students are also excited for the secondary location according to Briar Cliff junior Nicole Wiles, “It’s nice to know that my parents can get items to support the team and that they don’t have to physically be on campus in the atrium to do so. At the end of the day it’s convenient for everyone involved both on and off campus.”

Wilke says that ideally the Cliff Shop would be at every single Briar Cliff game but that their current focus is on football, volleyball and basketball games while they continue to work on their expansion. In the future they hope to have their location up and running during Briar Cliff soccer games as well as wrestling and track meets.

Matt Wilke, Roth Campus Bookstore Student Manager, stands outside the store with a Charger blanket sold exclusively in the shop’s secondary mobile location.

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