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Briar Cliff Softball To Begin Conference Play March 19

The Briar Cliff Softball Team had an eye opening first tournament against two tough out-of-conference teams — Evangel University, MO and University of Saint Mary, KS. The final score of the preceding losses were 5-2 and 7-2, but according to Junior Catcher Kennedy Andersen, the first two games were not reflective of what the team is capable of.

“I think it definitely showed that we’re a little rusty but we never rolled over. I think it just showed us what we need to work on for next weekend and all the games to come for sure,” Andersen said. “We were definitely very anxious and not as confident, so I think once that all clicks and people get confident at the plate then it’ll be a different showing for sure.”

The women’s team has a full roster this season in comparison to last, with nine incoming freshmen, four of which have worked their way into the starting lineup — Caroline Dooley and Georgia Krohn on the mound, Sydney Lierman at first base, and Karina Cupples in left field. The freshman class has been a great addition to the program, and both Pitts and Andersen assured that their young team did not lack in chemistry or work ethic.

“We have a lot of younger kids in bigger roles, so I think as a team just being there for each other is going to be a big thing. We have the best team chemistry we’ve ever had since I’ve been here, so I really think it’s about accepting all of our responsibilities and just stepping up,” Andersen said.

The women’s team is anticipating a much stronger season than that of last year, which ended with a 23-25 record.

“I have really high expectations for the team, we have so much depth in every position that if one position is falling or lacking there’s always someone behind you that can help the team.” Hunter Pitts, a junior third baseman for the team stated, “I definitely have a good feeling about the conference tournament, and I think it would be amazing for us to move on to the national tournament.”

Upperclassmen such as Andersen and Pitts see a bright future for the program and expect a lot out of the team this year.

“I think for team goals, just having the best record that Briar Cliff has ever had. Briar Cliff has only had one winning season, and last time they made it to the conference tournament was before softball was in the GPAC,” Andersen said. “It’s kind of just been a long line of being below average and I don’t think there’s anyone on the roster that wants to be below average anymore.”

Briar Cliff Softball is scheduled to take on the University of Jamestown on March 19 in their conference season opener at home.

Photo Provided by: Hunter Pitts

Juniors Hunter Pitts and Kennedy Andersen pose on media day.

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