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Briar Cliff Students Find Alternative Ways to Make Money

February 11, 2020 | by Julie Knowles

Many Briar Cliff University students are involved in the many work study opportunities the school has to offer. However, some prefer alternative methods to keep cash in their pockets.

BCU senior, Mireya Jimenez Alacala, is not currently involved in any on-campus work study. She has two jobs off campus at Girls Inc. and Sunrise Retirement Community. The Sioux City native enjoys the break from being on campus to stay more involved.

“I’m working more with the community than with school,” says Jimenez Alacala. “I’d like to have a work study job, but it’s is more beneficial to have an outside job and get associated with the community.”

She also sells her clothes to Plato’s Closet, a secondhand store near campus.

Many other BCU students have also found simple, alternative ways to make money. Whether it be selling their old clothes, bartending at an on-campus event, or even donating their own plasma.

Having a hectic lifestyle is also a factor when considering working on-campus. For Digital Communication major, Katie Taylor, she found a way to create her own schedule by creating her own photography business called Blush and Bloom.

“I have four kids, so being a single parent and doing school during the day I chose not to do that,” says the 35-year-old. “I actually make more money in a shorter period of time than having a clock-in-clock-out job.”

Taylor’s passion for photography started when her dad gave her her first camera 13 years ago. She had liked to take photos of her children.

“It was taking pictures of my kids and wanting to get their true, real expressions and getting their personalities to show through,” says Taylor.

Like Taylor, senior Rahman Burton started up his own business. Burton created a clothing brand called LTTP.

“It stands for Love to the People, Loyal to the Process,” says Burton. “I’ve made sales on hoodies and T-shirts and stuff and now I’m working on spreading the market.”

Burton says he has high expectations of his brand taking off on a bigger scale.

Although students may not all have their own business, many other BCU students have also found simple, alternative ways to make money. Whether it be selling their old clothes, bartending, working at the grocery store or even donating their own plasma.

BCU student sells photos on Shutterstock.

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