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Briar Cliff University Adds New Business Professor

Briar Cliff University has added Scott Griffith, a new professor for the Business Department.

“I am coming here from Chicago, Illinois. I was working full time in the business sector until the end of 2020,” Griffith says.

Griffith worked in many places within the business industry such as Panthera, a big water filtration company, and Rivermaid, a trading company, among other places.

When it comes to teaching, Griffith mentioned that Briar Cliff is his first experience as a full-time teaching job.

“I was only teaching as an adjunct,” Griffith says. “I was not teaching full time until Briar Cliff as this is my first full-time teaching job.”

Griffith had knowledge of Briar Cliff beforehand and had heard there would be a job opening due to a former business professor’s retirement.

“I saw the job opening post from Briar Cliff, and I thought that this would be a good time in my career to make the switch of working full-time in business to teaching business.”

The new business professor has big goals, and knows that Briar Cliff is a great place to work on those. He wants to make an impact in the Business department as well as in the business world.

“I know that the next generation of business leaders are here at Briar Cliff, the students at Briar Cliff and universities like it,” Griffith says. “Now is a very inspiring time for me to share what I know through experience, with the students at Briar Cliff, and then, I would get to watch them go and make a huge impact in the business world.”

When arriving at BCU, Griffith mentioned some of the main factors he noticed that helped him make the decision to accept the job in Sioux City. One thing he emphasized was the importance of experiential learning.

“First of all, Briar Cliff has a great program. Their focus on business is very important, and the way business is taught here; those two factors were very important for me to come,” says Griffith. “Briar Cliff does not only teach theory, but they enforce practice as well.”

Photo Credit: Sebastian Justiniano / Cliff News

Scott Griffith, the new faculty member for Briar Cliff’s Business Department, prepares for one of his business classes.

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