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Campus Ministry Gets Makeover

The home of Briar Cliff University’s Campus Ministry is not only moving but is also getting a makeover this fall. Formerly located in Heelan Hall 030 on the edge of the atrium, Campus Ministry will be moving to Heelan Hall 057.

This new area provides numerous benefits for the department and those involved in Campus Ministry. Jason Salisbury, the head of the department and Campus Minister at BCU, said that space was one of the main concerns that would be addressed with this move.

“We want to create that space to build community, to have our programs and to just come and hang out,” Salisbury said.

The old location was small and not in the optimal location for a program such as Campus Ministry.

“It was small, and I don’t think students felt comfortable coming in because you could see into it like it was a fishbowl,” says the Campus Minister.

Plans have already been made for the new space in Heelan 057 which is home to several rooms within the space. According to Salisbury there are two large common rooms in the space, one which will be used as a lounge area at the entrance, and another that will be made into a common study area and quiet space. Aside from those two rooms, there are several other smaller rooms in the space as well. Salisbury mentioned his office will be the first one on the right when you enter. One of the old, smaller offices will be transformed into a prayer and meditation room.

Members of Campus Ministry recognized the need for more space and expressed their excitement for the upgrade. One of those members is sophomore Campus Ministry member and Volunteer Coordinator, Grace Johanson.

“This space is huge for campus ministry. Our group is growing rapidly, and we struggle finding a space to call home. Last year we would do things in a classroom, but the environment just was not suited to what we need,” says the exercise physiology major. “This new space is such a gift for our campus ministry community. Jason has lots of plans with this new space and I am so excited for the joy that is to come from this move.”

Aside from the new space and move, several other upgrades are happening to Campus Ministry from a visual standpoint. Among those things are a fresh paint job, new flooring, and updated décor and furniture.

Photo Credit: Jason Salisbury / Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Members work on painting the rooms in their new space in Heelan Hall 057.

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