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Chargers to Play First Ever Collegiate Game at Field of Dreams

September 16th of 2022 in Dyersville, Iowa; the day and place that will stand tall in the history of Briar Cliff University’s baseball team. They will be facing Luther College in the first exhibition baseball game ever played on the “Field of Dreams” at the college level.

Corby McGlaufin, BCU’s Head Baseball Coach, feels excited to play on this historical field.

“It is an iconic field for baseball, not just Iowa, but in the world,” McGlaufin says. “Everyone that loves baseball has for sure seen that movie and being able to put our cleats in the same dirt that Shoeless Joe did, it is just amazing.”

This contest will be the first ever at the college level, and Briar Cliff got the green light thanks to Robert Schlaeger, the Assistant Director of Alumni at Briar Cliff University.

“I can’t take much credit for this, it was actually Rob Schlaeger that asked me about it, and it just seemed impossible for me. But he was persistent. He called them and emailed them until they finally said yes,” McGlaufin says.

When McGlaufin and his coaching staff knew that this was actually true and it was going to happen, they kept it as a secret until last week that they communicated the big news to their players.

“We knew for about a month about the big news, and then when they found out last week, it was pretty cool to see their reactions and how excited they were,” McGlaufin says.

Conor Ryan and Drew Olson, baseball players, are very excited about the big news for the baseball team.

“It is definitely crazy and hard to believe. I think we all grew up as kids watching that movie, so to get to play there is incredible,” Ryan says. “I think we are still in a kind of disbelief in a lot of ways. It is going to be the first collegiate game, so it should be a fun one.”

Even though Olson has not watched the famous movie, he knows that he will be playing in a historical field where the Yankees and the White Sox played the first ever Major League Baseball game at the location this past summer.

“Since I have never seen the movie, my very first clip was actually the MLB game between the Yankees and the White sox,” Olson says. “Just watching that on tv and seeing how many people were excited for baseball in Iowa was pretty cool, so I can only imagine the excitement for the first college game too.”

Photo Credit: Sidney Marks

The BCU baseball team finds out that they are going to play the first ever baseball game at the college level on the “Field of Dreams.” They will take on Luther College next fall.

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