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Drive in Style with Briar Cliff License Plates

The state government of Iowa allows for customizable license plates based on the various colleges throughout Iowa and up until recently, Briar Cliff was not included.

Now, Iowans can drive in style with a brand-new Briar Cliff University license plate, complete with BCU blue and gold colors as well as a BC in the upper left-hand corner. Anyone from alumni to supporters of the cliff or people who just think the colors look cool can apply to purchase a Briar Cliff license plate. The only caveat is that the car must be registered in the state of Iowa, out of staters and internationals will not be able to get one.

For cars that are registered in Iowa, here is how to purchase one: An email sent out by Goldmine has the link to where there are many license plates of other colleges to choose from. Briar Cliff University’s plate is the first one that shows up on the list. Click on the image of the BCU plate and it will ask for three personalized options to display on the license plate. After this step the website will begin the process of registration and payment for the license plate.

Students are excited about the new license plates. Andrew Arndorfer, sophomore at the Cliff and resident of Iowa, says he’s thinking of purchasing one of these plates.

“I think it’s really cool how Briar Cliff is being recognized like the other larger schools with a license plate. They look awesome and I think I might get one,” Arndorfer says.

Multiple students have said that Briar Cliff being recognized on a larger scale by the state such as this is a step in the right direction for the school. Iowans can grab a brand-new Briar Cliff license plate at this website:

The introduction page on the Iowa Department of Transportation website is where people can choose the Briar Cliff University license plate.

The customizing stage of the license plate is shown above with “CRGRS24” as the text.

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