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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

October 17, 2018 | by Kyle Chinen

After a year without a permanent graphic design professor, Rich Yates was brought in to oversee the graphic design department here at Briar Cliff and has already caught the attention of his students.

“I like him a lot, he gives a different perspective than any other professors we’ve had in the past, he has definitely brought in more of the business side…”

Graphic design student, Courtney Shaefer, says that she feels good that they have a person that specializes in graphic design going into her senior year.

“He’s extremely experienced in different areas of graphic design, so for him to be here now, especially in my senior capstone class, I can rely on him for my questions in those areas is awesome.”

Yates, received his Bachler’s degree in Graphic Design in 2001, and went to Grad School in Minnesota. He has also worked in the field of design for ten years, focusing on newspaper and web design.

Yates says he has always had a passion for graphic design and art, he recollects a time when he was a kid and his very first art project.

“I was trying to make a pond, but as a four-year-old I couldn’t get the perspective right, I said, this doesn’t look like a pond, and so I changed it into a fish, I was like alright I’ll make something that goes in the pond.”

And since then Yates has always found inspiration in the world around him and more specifically comic books.

“I love the graphic qualities of superheroes and pop culture.”

His background and experience are something that has been very apparent to his students and they are trying to learn anything they can from him.

“There is more to graphic design than what’s on the computer; things that don’t matter, are really the most important part, he’s really instilled that in us," said Schaefer

Rich Yates teaches his students about graphic design

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