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Familiar Face Takes on Big Project at Briar Cliff University

Erin McElroy, Director of Revenue Operations, is now the manager of Briar Cliff’s old bookstore (now apparel shop) and coffee shop, Charged, as well as running several events on campus.

“I arrived to Briar Cliff two years ago to start working on the Marketing Department. I am a marketing specialist, so what I do for the team is help come up with our digital strategy,” McElroy says. “Any of the ads that people see on the internet, I am the one who helps pick out the strategy and I help target those,”

Briar Cliff has been in the process of rebranding and reinventing certain aspects of the campus community such as the bookstore and Charged. McElroy, a marketing specialist, has been put in charge of the project.

“There have been some visionary changes that came down from our Vice President and our board; therefore, within those changes came the need of some marketing help,” McElroy says. “For the last year, I have been helping through marketing efforts for the bookstore and Charged. For example, my team made the transition from Java City to Charged.”

Even though McElroy is now much more involved, she was already helping behind the scenes prior to accepting her current position.

“You are seeing my face now because I am literally there now, but I was doing a lot beforehand to help support them,” McElroy says. “That is why Briar Cliff is looking for a chance to help me grow here and I think that this is what they have came up with as a new position for me.”

While McElroy has been on campus for two years, she has never taken a job like this before. The new experience is going well thanks to the campus community.

“I have never run the coffee shop, the Cliff shop, or events; so this is new for me,” McElroy says. “We are learning as we go, and I am very grateful that our campus has shown a lot of grace within this transition.”

Sydney Marks, an employee of McElroy’s, also talked about how much she has enjoyed the experience of working with McElroy.

“She has been such a blessing to work with, she comes with a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge of her position, and I really appreciate working with her and how her mind works, it is just amazing,” Marks says.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Justiniano / Cliff News

McElroy, the new Director of Revenue Operations, works in the Cliff Shop office. She has taken on a much more active role at Charged and the Cliff Shop this fall.

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