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Freshman Core 101 Serve Without Boundaries Event

March 11, 2019 | by Jake Dubé

On Wednesday afternoon, February 27th, Briar Cliff University held an event in the Saint Francis Center. This event celebrated the Freshman Core 101 Serve without Boundaries course which took place throughout the month of January.

Unlike the rest of Briar Cliff students who returned back to campus to start the second semester later, the freshman got a head start. They all reported back to Sioux City a week before in order to complete this freshman core class.

The project required students to get out within the Siouxland community and volunteer with non-profit organizations in the categories of environmental stewardship, education care, all generations, youth leadership, and health care and prevention.

Alicia Harper, the service and leadership coordinator at Briar Cliff, was in charge of this event, touched on the what the afternoon’s celebrations consisted of.

“We showed a video which was a compilation of pictures from all the services we did along with ‘telfies’ (a selfie video) that tells students what their passion and purpose is,” stated Harper. “Also, students are displaying their mosaics throughout the Saint Francis Center which show symbols that represent their passion and purpose in life,” added Harper.

One of the students who was in the ‘telfie’ video segment explaining her passion in life was Sophie Kramper. Kramper was a part of the animal welfare group who volunteered at the Sioux City Animal Rescue. She reflected on what this project meant to her and how it helped influence her future.

“I think it definitely made me a better person and it helped me realize how good it feels to do good,” said Kramper. “I want to continue on a career path to help others like teaching because when you do good for others, it brings a good a good environment to the world,” added Kramper.

April Allen Vo, first year academic advisor at the cliff, was also in charge of putting together this event and getting into contact with local non-profits around Sioux City.

“We worked with youth, the elderly, and those with special needs. We also worked with the Special Olympics, Active Generations and Dance, Holy Spirit and their after-school programs,” said Allen Vo.

When asked about what it meant to be giving back to the community with a project like this, Allen Vo had her own take on the situation.

“I think it’s awesome I get to do my part in giving back, but what I enjoy most is helping the students give back. I think I do my part giving back more when I help allow the students to do their role in giving back,” said Allen Vo.

Above all, this year’s Freshman of Briar Cliff were yet successful again with this course requirement and plans to continue the service project in the future.

Alicia Harper, service and leadership coordinator of Briar Cliff, speaks to students in attendance to the Freshman Core 101 Serve without Boundaries celebration in the St. Francis Center.

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