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Hamilton Gets a Taste of Indian Cuisine

Tikka Indian Grill has opened for business and is looking to bring a quality alternative to the other options on Hamilton Boulevard.

Nelson Lopez, Owner of Tikka Indian Grill, grew up in California, where he and his brother Alfredo spent much of their lives working in Indian restaurants.

“We really liked the food and different spices that Indian food has and wanted to open up our own restaurant,” Lopez said.

Lopez and his brother saw a great opportunity to bring the food they were so passionate about to the Midwest, where Indian food is very rare.

The brothers first came to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where upon arrival they found that there were already three other Indian restaurants currently operating

“We decided that we would come to Sioux City, because there were no other Indian food options,” Lopez said.

After the Pancheros closed earlier this year, the perfect location for Lopez’s new restaurant opened on Hamilton Boulevard.

Tikka Indian Grill opened, and before long, word of mouth advertising from customers, and a 4.5/5 rating on google reviews, business improved rapidly

“We had a great dinner experience, the staff was knowledgeable about the different items,” said Cole Satterwhite, a local Sioux City resident.

Even with the challenges of the pandemic, Tikka Indian Grill has flourished, mainly because Lopez and his brother have taken many of the hours on their own.

When talking about the growth of Tikka, Lopez remarked “Business has been very good, ever since we opened.”

Tikka Indian grill has 25 different menu options, with many different chicken, fish, lamb, and vegetarian options.

“Our most popular dish is probably the chicken tikka masala, or the butter chicken,” Lopez said.

Tikka Indian Grill is located at 2400 Hamilton Boulevard, Sioux City, and is open from 11AM-9AM Monday through Sunday and is not yet available on Door dash.

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