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Information Graphics class create projects that inspire and educate

October 24, 2018 | by Baily Sitzmann

Fall of 2018 brought many new changes to Briar Cliff including new staff and projects. In the Information Graphics class taught by Graphic Communications professor, Richard Yates, they started a new project that has an impact on more than just themselves.

“They were learning how to share and communicate data, but also I wanted them to know that data can come from them and not just another source,” says Yates.

For this project the students were required to apply and format data that they collected over a month's span. The data came from research and results they got from a product that they used almost every day. They were to save them and create a visual that represented how that product affects people and the environment in some way, creating the data.

Junior, Tania Caudillo, of Sioux City, IA, saved as many as 18 Starbucks cups. She says she wanted to show how recycling them could really make a difference to the environment because they do not decompose. Tania said she wanted to really show her project off in a unique way by creating her own Starbucks cup.

“I was walking around the store and I came across a lamp shade that was sitting upside down. It looked like a coffee cup so I just used that and added the symbol, then made a straw, and added the cups I saved as if it were a trash can of sort,” the Graphic Communications major says.

The goal of this assignment was for students to use their own experiences to tell a story through data that they had gathered throughout the month. Professor Yates wanted them to add a personal touch to the story that can be applied to any general story, throughout anyone’s life.

Rachel Knutson-Kobold, of Sioux City, IA, did her project over gum wrappers and how they truly do not impact the environment as much as the gum itself. However, she says she still learned quite a bit.

“This project made me realize that not a lot of people recycle or pay attention to what they are throwing away,” says the junior.

Professor Yates says he plans to continue this class and the projects because he enjoys giving his students computer assignments and physical assignments. Knutson-Kobold says that she enjoys assignments both ways, and that is one of her favorite parts of the class.

“I really like being able to work with my hands like to measure things, and whatnot, but I also like how computer are more useful and user friendly,” says Knutson-Kobold.

Yates says overall, he is happy with the outcome of projects and that ‘the students got to bring something of themselves alive.”

Tania Caudillo shows off her months' worth of recycled Starbucks cups.

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