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Lorenzo Suter Speaks at Diverse Community Leaders Event

Lorenzo Suter is and entrepreneur, an academic, a CEO, and so much more. The Briar Cliff student body had the opportunity of having him give a speech about how and why he found success in his life.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of healthcare, Suter graduated Summa Cum Laude from Western Kentucky University with a degree in nursing. He later earned a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University in Hospital Administration.

Suter’s successes today have happened in spite of a difficult childhood. Suter spent much of his adolescent years homeless, often sleeping under bridges and wearing the same clothes for 6 to 8 days straight.

Thinking the world had nothing to offer him, especially because of the situation he was born into, Suter was ready to commit suicide at the age of 13. What stopped him was his mother catching him in the middle of his attempt.

“No matter what this world gives you, you matter,” she told him.

Suter decided to fight against the two paths young men in his neighborhood had generally followed- stealing and selling drugs.

“You’re not a product of your environment, you’re a product of your own expectation,” Suter said.

Upon graduation from Vanderbilt University, Suter had recognized his goal of being a hospital CEO. He was willing to put in all the time it took and do whatever else it may have taken to reach his aspirations.

“There were 6,900 hospitals in the United States, that meant I had 6,900 chances to become a CEO,” Suter said.

Austin Coppinger, a senior at Briar Cliff, shared his input on the speech.

“It was so inspiring to be there and listen to his story,” Coppinger said. “The struggles I’ve had and excuses I’ve made for myself have really been put in perspective and made me realize that I can really accomplish anything I wish to.”

Suter attributes all his success to the lifestyle he lives, which has a very heavy emphasis on discipline. While in college, he saved up money and chose to buy a house to rent out to fellow students- while he remained on campus for free housing. He spent his spring breaks in his dorm room reading and studying instead of going on lavish vacations like many of his peers did. Even today, he follows a strict, daily schedule and knows what he’ll be doing at just about every moment of every day.

He shared in his speech a “CODE” of discipline. The C standing for consistency, O for organization, D for decadence, and the E standing for enthusiasm.

Suter’s story can be a reminder and example for many struggling with tough situations in life.

“Everyone has struggles regardless of race or sex,” Suter said.

His story shows that anyone can overcome any situation if they have the perseverance to do so.

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