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Madden 20 Continues to Step Up its Game

April 15, 2020 | by Asi Tupua

Electronic Arts (EA) Sports have been the sole maker of simulation American Football games. The National Football League (NFL) has seen numerous changes throughout the years, and EA Sports does its best to adapt with the changes. EA has done an incredible job of immersing players into the football atmosphere by adding tunnel entrances to every team, along with a broadcast system that feels like you’re watching an actual game on Sunday. The video games’ influence can be seen in actual NFL games where different camera angles you don’t normally see are now being implemented to games on T.V.

“Madden 20” takes a step forward in its “Face of the Franchise” career mode, a feature I was most excited about, while thought of a college football game. I always loved playing the college football video games and to get a small glimpse of it was gave nostalgia. EA starts off the career mode by putting the user in the college football playoffs. You get to choose one of the few licensed schools to begin your career. The game mode allows players to play through games, answer questions from reporters and other representatives from different organizations, along with participating in the combine. Your actions dictate how your career will go, which I thought gave more realism. The game rewards you by playing well and you receive rewards that make your player better.

As a person that understands football, it’s nice to see EA insert football terminology in the game that never used to be in previous instalments. They’ve added more plays to each team that makes each one feel unique. I feel a difference when I use the Seattle Seahawks, who have a quarterback like Russell Wilson and a lot of his plays require him to throw the deep down the field to suit his strengths. When I use the Baltimore Ravens who have quarterback Lamar Jackson, he has plays that allows him to run the ball because of his athletic features.

“Madden 20” also added a new feature called “In the zone.” The league’s premier players, have badges underneath them in-game called “Superstar X-Factor.” When they achieve the in-game goals they are prompted to do, they have their stats boosted. I thought the feature was exciting and it rewards you very heavily. Your premier player feels unstoppable like how they would be in real life if they’re playing well.

“Madden 20” continually updates its game to ensure players are getting an accurate and authentic replication of the NFL.As a person that buys the game every year, I was very pleased especially with the “Face of the Franchise mode." Being able to live and make decisions as a NFL player was thrilling and exciting.

Electronic Arts continues to build off the success of its previous Madden games.

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