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Nike Mercurial Future DNA Pack Boot Review: a Classic Look for New Technology

May 5, 2020 | by Jacob Harvey

In 2009, Nike released a new boot called the Nike Superfly 1. This boot was iconic and only made available to the professionals and a few other people across the globe at the elite level. This boot was worn by stars at the top-level including Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now, in March 2020, Nike released a selection of boots celebrating this era and offering the styles from the past using their newer technology. This, they called the Nike Future DNA pack.

With the 2009 original Superfly 1, there were countless reports of the boots being uncomfortable and poor to play in, in fact, Didier Drogba, ex Chelsea and Ivory Coast professional, showcased the boots on screen with a huge malfunction when the boots came apart from their soleplate, there’s no way that I would’ve bought these if I had have had the chance.

Well, fortunately, Nike didn’t continue this boot with the original technology of 2009, the only thing taken from that time was the iconic design of red and silver with a dark purple hue-ish swoosh.

The reason this was done is supposedly to offer the players of today, at a larger quantity, to play in the classics of past professionals, which I really liked as a concept. Nike created or more an updated version of three of their classics, including the Tiempo, Hypervenom and the Superfly, now known as the Mercurial Vapor. These boots hold a lot of character and history each with a different design and intended user. The Mercurial, or previously known as the Superfly, which is now the name given to the Mercurial brother, with the upper sock addition. The mercurial fits tight to the foot for ease when turning quickly and deceiving opponents. As a result, this slim boot is designed for attacking players who need to get the upper hand in a footrace and have access to highly responsive agility.

Having had the opportunity to try these out for myself, I absolutely agree, the traction and responsiveness of the soleplate is incredible and I truly did notice a great degree of comfort and mobility.

The archaic design is a must-have for a lot of players around the world and a very nice touch from Nike. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to their play in game due to quarantine but I will disclose my avid excitement.

The other boots in this pack dropped by Nike are tailored to; strikers, in the form of the Hypervenom now called Phantomvision and defenders in the form of the Tiempos. These boots all serve the exact same purpose as the other colourways with the exact same features, the only difference being the emotion and nostalgia attached to them.

The new mercurial boot and technology pays respect to its beginnings.

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