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Once on a Cold Winter's Formal

February 19, 2019 | by Ariel Pokett

The Briar Cliff Student Government (BCSG), and Women of Color put together a highly successful Winter Formal Saturday night, at the Country Celebrations Event Center. BCSG sponsored the event, while collaborating with Women of Color to provide a night that would mark success on events to come. Starting with forming a committee, booking, advertising and finally the adjusting of the corsage, the efforts of everyone involved were outstanding. Plans for the event started in November and continued up until Chargers started primping their curls and straightening their ties.

At five dollars a ticket, it’s no wonder students were ready to be lined up at the door. The venue was picked specifically with accessibility in mind, despite the snow that came down mercilessly. According BCSG president Katie Glover, they booked the Country Celebrations event center because not only was closer and more convenient, but it was also better suited to the charger standards. “We had a venue last year that we didn’t like,” said Glover, “It was upstairs and costly to walk up and down those, so we think this new venue is something that we learn from last year, and the owner was really great in working with us.”

Responses to the venue were as positive as BSCG had hoped for, especially from senior Zachary Funderburk. “They definitely did a really good job here, and I really like this place.” Said Funderburk, “It was probably the best place they could have had the dance.”

BCSG sponsors a dance every year. However, the venue wasn’t the only thing they decided to change. April is a busy month for several students, so chargers were blessed with a ‘Winter’ formal instead of a ‘Spring’ formal. According to Kate Reidel of BCSG, “We try to schedule for weekends when there’s nothing going on, not to mention the timing with Valentine’s Day just behind the corner.” With careful planning and plenty of snow, the event went off without a hitch.

In the hopes of attracting more students to the already popular social event, no item was overlooked, especially not the music. BCSG and Women of Color booked a DJ with real charger spirit in order to keep the good vibes flowing from dusk till dawn (or at least from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.). According to sophomore Laura Ballinger, the DJ surprised her with his music archive. “I usually come to these and I don’t like the music,” said Ballinger, “but they played a lot of songs that I knew, so I liked that a lot this year.”

As the snow continued to fall on a safe and successful night for the Charger family, it’s back to business on this semester. The dance shoes will have to wait until BSCG and Women of Color figure out a way to surpass the already high-set bar.

Sophomore Emily DeBolt looked fabulous and stayed warm by the fire in lieu of the snow during the winter formal.

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