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Peschong Helps BCU Students Prepare for the Future

September 30, 2020 | By Ben Peters

For many students, what lies beyond graduation is a terrifying idea. Some are worried about how to properly write a résumé, while others are scared of the face-to-face interview that may be required when it comes to a job hunt.

Nicole Peschong, the director of personal/professional development at Briar Cliff, knows that students have these concerns. Because of this, she leads the Briar Cliff Career Services Programs and workshops. Throughout the semester, students are welcomed to join in a series of sessions that help prepare for those future situations.

“We’re focusing on students at every level of current development,” says Peschong. “A first-year student could come and gain something, and a senior could come and gain something from each of the different workshops.” All of these workshops are intended to prepare students for post-graduation life. “It’s never too early to be planning for what’s going to happen after college.”

These programs will include virtual panels with employers around the Sioux City area. They will be there to answer questions about what happens after college, as well as covering what a day in the life of certain careers are like. “That way there’s a direct connection between what’s happening for students in the classroom and how it can be applied to the career world,” says Peschong.

Peschong also spoke of the collaboration the program is doing with Sioux City Go and the Morningside [College] Career Services department to run an “adulting” series. This will cover all things students have questions about before they take the step from college life to the career world. These events will primarily be virtual panels and presentations given by Sioux City Go members. Sioux City Go is an organization that helps young professionals become contributing members to the Siouxland community.

Peschong based these workshops on her own personal insights she thought would have better prepared her for a career outside of college. “We often think if we have an interview tomorrow we should be practicing this today,” says Peschong, “but it should be practiced much further in advance.”

For those unable to attend any of these workshops, The Compass is a “one stop shop for student support.” Located on the ground level of Heelan Hall, this is the first place to go if you have a question about anything on campus. Whether it’s a question about future career plans, or even needing help with a personal matter, the employees of The Compass are there to help in any situation.

For more information about the programs and workshops or compass, stop by The Compass anytime during school hours. You can also reach Nicole Peschong through her email,

Compass employees Maria Cancino (left) and Nicole Peschong (right).

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