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Seniors at BCU Reflect on their College Experience and Look Forward to Their Futures

April 30, 2019 | by Asi Tupua

As graduation nears, Briar Cliff University seniors will complete a chapter of their lives. As they continue to write their stories and embark on new adventures, they reflect on their time at the institution and all of the memories they have created.

Courtney Schafer, a graphics design major from Sheldon, IA, reflects on the positive experience she had at the Cliff. “I’ve had lots of different learning experiences and learning things that I know will help me with the rest of my life,” said Schafer. “I got to experience what it’s like to work with co-workers and mastered the ability to take criticism of my work.” After graduation, she is looking for a job in graphics design preferably in the mid-west. “I’m very excited to walk across and receive my diploma, it hasn’t really hit me yet because it seems like I’ve been in school forever,” said Schafer. Seniors also look back on the heavy workloads they received.

Jordan Gibo, a kinesiology major fromMonrovia, CA, appreciates the academics that Briar Cliff was able to offer him. Kinesiology majors aspire to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, but the cost comes with a lot of school work. “It sucked sometimes, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” said Gibo. “I feel I’ve been prepared to succeed in what I want to do in life which is to help people.” Seniors enjoyed the connections they made with professors and students that will propel them later in life.

Brian Smith, a business major from Phoenix, AZ, looks forward to graduation and pursing a management job for a professional athletic team. “I’ve applied to work in an up-incoming football league,” said Smith. “Hopefully that works out and climb the ranks within the company and reach the top of my field.” Smith enjoyed the social experience he obtained at The Cliff. “In the four years, I’ve been at Briar Cliff, I’ve met some really amazing people and lifelong friends in the process,” said Smith. “I’ve also met a lot of great professors that have helped me grow as a student and as a person.” Smith will be the first in his family to obtain a four-year degree. “It certainly is an accomplishment, for me, getting my diploma shows that I’ve put in the time and effort to obtain a higher education.”

Graduating seniors are also looking forward to having no homework for the rest of their lives. The commencement ceremony for the graduating seniors will be May 11th in the Newman Flanagan center starting at 10 a.m.

Senior Courtney Schafer finishes her remaining assignments before graduation.

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