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Spotlight: BCU Print Shop

Briar Cliff University has had a print shop in Noonan Hall for decades, but it is not widely known.

The print shop has been at The Cliff for around 40 years according to Bobbi Swanson, the person who runs the facility.

“I have actually been here 32 years,” says Swanson. “There was a print shop even before that.”

Over the years, as technology has become more advanced, the Print Shop has updated.

“We had two color presses that did a lot of black and white work, but then technology got better, and we got rid of the presses and got the digital machines,” says Swanson.

The Print Shop works with the entire BCU Community including faculty, students, and different BCU departments.

Swanson mostly works with the different departments at The Cliff. When someone from a department wants something printed, they show her the design first. Once she sees the design, they start discussing what type of paper, if it is going to be black and white or in color, the size of the work, the quantity, the time it will take, etcetera. Depending on these factors, Swanson decides the cost of the work and charges it through the department.

The Print Shop also offers service to people outside of BCU.

“We do outside jobs as well. Generally, people would call and set up a meeting with me to see what we can do,” says Swanson.

Bernice Metz, Briar Cliff’s administrative assistant, uses the services that the Print Shop provides for the administrative staff.

“Bobbi does our Board of Trustees, our Board Book, and also the handouts we need for the meetings,” says Metz. “She prints them, binds them, and gets them ready for the meetings. She also does our printing for our Christmas cards that the president sends out to donors and alumni.”

Briar Cliff’s Print Shop is located on the first floor of Noonan Hall, in room G11. For more information, contact Bobbie Swanson at

Photo Credit: Sebastian Justiniano / Cliff News

Photo 1: Bobbi Swanson fills the printer with paper.

Photo 2: Different machines inside the Print Shop.

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