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Spotlight: Teri Copple

Briar Cliff’s Director of Counselling Services, Teri Copple, is one of three HIPPA staff members on campus. This means she is one-hundred percent confidential.

Copple is a licensed mental health therapist beginning her second year with Briar Cliff; she specializes in dealing mainly with anxiety, depression and personality disorders. Copple has 9 years of experience in the field, as well as working as “in home” care prior to attaining her license.

Copple believes that office hours shouldn’t have set times.

“If a student were to reach out at night or after I leave the office needing to speak with me, I will be available, either via zoom or by coming back to the office” Copple says. “Most things that students want to talk about happen outside of traditional office hours.”

Copple faced a lot of frustration when trying to connect with students last year during the Covid-19 pandemic, but is now confident that the efforts she can employ in our current green status will be able to strengthen that bond.

These efforts include multiple bulletin board presentations, lunch and learn opportunities in the St. Francis Center as well as outreach with the residential assistants to ensure information is as available as possible for those who may need it.

"We are making an extra push to get this information seen and known around campus,” Copple says. “We hope people will see the boards and think of their friends and those around them, as well as themselves.”

On a national scale, each month has a mental health theme – September being suicide prevention.

“What that basically means is we push extra in those months to get the information out about warning signs or what you can do,” Copple says.

Teri Copple’s office is located on the ground floor of Alverno Hall, next to the dorm elevator You are encouraged to stop by or reach out via email at with any questions you may have or just for a chat.

Photo Credit: Jacob Harvey / Cliff News

Copple is eager and able to help student at BCU in her second year with the school.

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