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Students Find Enjoyment in Music

March 11, 2019 | by Asi Tupua

Students around campus have different musical taste. Some love to sing to the sound of oldies music, or make a beat with the drums. Music is something that allows people to connect and share emotions with each other, no matter if you’re singing in the shower, to the mirror on the wall, or to a small group of friends. In the month of February, some students produced their own music to share with their own, or performed in front of small crowds and friends to share their passion.

Logan Knutson and his band “Dawn Patrol” recently performed an hour long set at open mic last Friday. The Vocalist for the band had people excited, playing songs from the likes of Weezer and Red-Hot Chili Peppers. “Music is all about emotion… it is a medium for feelings like any other art.” said Knutson. Knutson has had much experience with choirs, musicals, and other smaller musical groups. Knutson credits his band for their ability to play new songs on the “fly” as they weren’t expecting to play more than two songs. “The guys have been playing and practicing for years so the only thing I had to do was look at my phone for the lyrics.”

Drummers are an essential part of any band, paired with the bass player, they are the rhythmic backbone of a track. Walker Raabe plays the drums for “Dawn Patrol” and enjoyed the experience of his first open mic performance. “There was a good amount of people there. It was a good experience because I have never done an open mic night before,” said Raabe. Raabe loves music because “The 3-4 minutes the song plays, there’s nothing, it lets me escape from all the stuff going on around me.”

After a week’s worth of school work, most students tend to let loose and enjoy Karaoke. Carli Sibbel loves to sing country, pop or even classical music. “I usually lean more towards country music, depends on what I’m feeling,” said Sibbel. “Singing makes me feel free… it’s like a care free feeling.” Sibbel participated in choir when she was younger and performed multiple times with her group. She recently had a small gathering and performed a duet with Tyler Wilson in the lounge of Alverno.

Omar Dyles or “Dyle$” is an up incoming artist at The Cliff. The Bellevue, Washington Native is on Spotify, Apple music, and Sound cloud. Dyle$ has a process when it comes to producing songs. “I have my own producer, and my own setup back in Washington.” said Dyle$. He is influenced by todays R&B and pop culture. “My style is more like The Weeknd.” Dyle$ makes music to express his emotion, and also let loose of the stress of being in college.

Briar Cliff students unwind through the power of music. It’s meant to be shared with everyone and creates relationships that can’t be replicated.

Logan Knutson and Walker Raabe perform with the band "Dawn Patrol" at open mic.

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