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“The Parent Trap:" a Disney Classic worth watching for the witty humor and suspenseful Situations

March 24, 2020 | by Ben Pigg

“The Parent Trap” is a witty comedy movie filmed in 1998 that was based off the classic “The Parent Trap” movie that was shot in 1968. The director Nancy Myers uses two red headed twins, played by MTV award winner Lindsey Lohan, to create a fool proof plan to get their parents back together.

Lohan kills the role two characters in her break out film, one named Anne James, a smart British girl from London with a strong accent who’s unfamiliar with the lifestyle of Americans and Halle Parker, an outgoing California girl bred in the heart of wine country, Napa.

Not before long Lohan’s characters feud with each other at a summer camp, becoming rivals before coming sisters. The curiosity of the twins wanting to see what life’s like with each other's parents lead them to agree to switching places which sends them both into two different worlds.

Nick Parker, Halle’s dad is a played by Dennis Quaid, a funny, smart, messy haired, caring dad who owns a vineyard. Nick Parker seeks love while Halle is away at summer camp and ends up falling in love with a Cruella De Vil like character named Meredith Blake. Quaid does an amazing job of playing his role as a father who puts his daughter first but is blinded by love to the point where he’s oblivious to the way Meredith Blake treats Halle.

Meredith Blake, a sexy, young, blonde, publicist from San Francisco, CA seeking to marry Nick Parker for his money but blinded by love he doesn’t realize it. Thank God his daughters are smarter than him. In order to get the marriage thrown off the two twins set up their parent trap. Played by Elaine Hendrix, Hendrix uses a seductive manner to hide her greediness for Nick Parker’s fortune.

Elizabeth James, Anne James’ mom, is a beautiful British wedding designer who got her heart broken by Parker. Elizabeth James played by Natasha Richardson, is tricked by her daughters to meet up with Nick Parker after a brutal divorce that left them on non-speaking terms for 11 years. Richardson’s character isn’t sure how she feels about a reunion with the twins father but her loving and caring personality doesn’t stop her from making a trip across the world to reunite.

In all “The Parent Trap” represents one of a Disney’s many classic movies. Family friendly, funny and appropriate. It’s a movie that will keep the audience on the edge for their seats waiting to see what happens next or how the twins keep their switched identity a secret from the parent they’re currently staying with. The slow start to the plot gives viewers a yawn at first but the suspense of the two not knowing they’re identical twins keeps viewers engaged. “The Parent Trap” is a highly recommended film.

“The Parent Traps” Hallie James and Anne Parker at the summer camp where they realized they were identical twins.

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