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“The Princess Bride," a Tale of Battle and Romance

March 27, 2020 | by Jacob Harvey

I came to watch this movie, “The Princess Bride," as my father and his brother enjoyed it a lot as kids.

The beginning of the film is quite a long-winded way into an epic romance between Wesley, ‘Cary Elwes’, and Buttercup, ‘Robin Wright’. The actors did a great job of bringing this story to life and presenting this romance. However, I will say I found this segment a little frustrating as I felt it could perhaps have been condensed. As I watched on, however, I found myself more involved in the movie watching more actively, almost on the edge of my seat.

I realized I started to support the protagonist who may not be the natural first choice. I found one of the characters to be Inigo Montoya, ‘Mandy Patinkin’, who we learn, early on, to be hunting his father’s killer. Throughout the movie, I found myself rooting for him, yet in other sections, not so much.

The greatest example I can recall is that of the Dread Pirate Roberts, ‘Cary Elwes," himself. His character played jump rope with the line of justice. In a way it made him seem more friendly to me, seeming more real and raw, yet in others he came across ugly and crude.

The producers, Andrew Scheinman and Rob Reiner, used a catalogue of intriguing means to play with my emotions throughout and this was mirrored by the boy in the beginning, who seemed to be alarmed often. For instance, when the child continues to question the narrator, out of worry. The creators used this narrative as a calming technique for the audience at home to great success.

Overall, I would say this movie was a very successful one. Capturing my attention and not letting go. I think I enjoyed the different layers and undertones of romance and battle. I also say this because I was engaged throughout, once it got into a rhythm. However, I feel there were sections, such as the fire swamp, that, given today’s technology, could seem a little outdated and underdeveloped. If this movie to be remade, I would hope that scene, in particular, among a few others, were taken under review and given a bit of a well needed face-lift.

"The Princess Bride" is a tale that hits all your emotions

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