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Weekly Bible Study Group Welcomes Everyone

For years now, Briar Cliff has hosted a weekly Bible study every Monday night in Heelan Hall, Room 343. Recently, the group is led by second year Campus Minister, Jason Salisbury. The native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, has much to offer in the field of ministry.

“I’ve been in all different levels [of ministry],” Salisbury said.

While in college, he helped lead youth groups and later went on to join Religious Life, a Franciscan group. The seven years he spent with the group made him aspire to join a Franciscan university. He went on to receive his Masters of Divinity from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. During his time with Religious Life, he dabbled in nursing home ministry, worked at food banks, and even spent time on the Crowe and Cheyenne reservations in Montana before returning to Chicago.

Along with his other work in the Windy City , Salisbury worked in campus ministry as well. Shortly after, he made his way to St. Norbert College in Wisconsin where he spent two years with their campus ministry. His Franciscan history is eventually what brought him to Briar Cliff.

When it comes to the weekly bible study group, Salisbury wants the student population to know that all faiths are welcome to the meetings, and that they take a non-denominational approach when it comes to the readings and discussions.

“Though the majority of the students are catholic, our ministry is not just for catholic students,” Salisbury said.

Though the group is led by Salisbury, it turns into being more of a discussion forum among the group members rather than sermon.

“It’s really laid back,” Salisbury said. “It’s kind of become a community building event.”

Sophie Kramper is a Senior Exercise Physiology major at Briar Cliff and is also an avid member of the Bible study group. She has been attending the meetings regularly since her freshman year. Her favorite part of being a member of this group is the community aspect.

“I’ve gotten to be really good friends with the people that come,” Kramper said.

She believes that the friendly disagreements that often take place are one of the best aspects of the meeting because of how it can open your mind. It often leads to attendees not necessarily questioning their faith as a whole, but parts of it. Kramper is often eager to discuss what she absorbed in church the Sunday before the group meetings, whether she spent that Sunday at our service here at the school or in her hometown of Jackson, Nebraska.

She, like Salisbury, also emphasized that these meetings are not just for Catholics.

“I know some of the students in Bible study aren’t catholic,” Kramper mentioned. “So it’s for everybody.”

If attending these Bible studies is something that might interest you, the group meets every Monday at 8:00 p.m. in Room 343 of Heelan Hall. For further inquiries, reach out to Jason Salisbury via email at

Students and Jason Salisbury take a break after Bible study.

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