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Women of Color Hosts First Ever Wild'N'Out Event at Briar Cliff

April 22, 2019 | by Jake Dubé

The Women of Color club at Briar Cliff University hosted its first ever Wild’N’Out event on Thursday, April 11, 2019, in the Stark Student Center. The event was a ‘parody’ event based off of MTV’s hit show, “Wild’N’Out,” hosted and created by Nick Cannon.

According to the Briar Cliff website, the Women of Color is a student-led university organization where women have the opportunity to build leadership skills in diversity and inclusivity initiatives. The club hosts’ multiple events throughout the school year including their first try at this new comical event.

The whole premise of “Wild’N’Out” is that it’s a show which features two teams full of comedians and freestyle rappers that compete in a various amount of ‘challenges.’ The challenges can include anything from a punchline joke competition to roasting the rivals team members to a freestyle rap challenge.

One of the students who participated in the event was senior, Isiah Lysius. He touches on how he felt everything went.

“It was a super fun event that had a lot of laughs,” said Lysius. “It could have been more organized for sure but it was good to get students on stage and to show everyone how to embrace each other’s funny side without hurting anyone’s feelings,” added Lysius.

Women of Color vice president, Bernice Uwase, also suggests things could have gone better, but it was good enough for it being held for the first time.

“I think it was good for the first time doing it, but I don’t think we necessarily anticipated the amount of time in order to prepare for an event like this. Now we can learn from our mistakes and make it better next year,” stated Uwase.

Uwase also talks about some specifics that can be done next year so the event could be better.

“I would probably have the groups practice more definitely so things can run smoothly throughout the event without having to stop so much,” said Uwase. “I also think we could do a better job of promoting the event which includes doing it earlier on,” added Uwase.

Jay Rhoades is the first-year academic advisor and multicultural program coordinator at Briar Cliff. He helped run this event and even was a participant. He added on how the event could improve from a promotion perspective.

“We just need to have a lot more practice before the actual event, especially with the improv jokes so that it’s more fluid and natural,” said Rhoades. “It seemed a lot of the students weren’t confident enough in their joke and with practice they will be,” added Rhoades.

Overall, the event had a big turnout and will look to do this again next year and even better.

“A lot of people came so that was a positive. Next year we will be more ready and were looking forward to it already,” said Uwase.

The Women of Color hosted its first ever 'Wild'N'Out' event based off the hit MTV show hosted by Nick Cannon on April 11, 2019 in the Stark Center at Briar Cliff University. (Photo courtesy of Women of Color)

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